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MISOKA, known for its unique way of brushing teeth with only water, now brings you its first sonic electric toothbrush.

Pursuing a stylish design and high functionality, we have realized our optimal oral care product.

Sonic vibration and MISOKA’s original mineral-coated bristles make it possible to remove plaque and stains on every part of each tooth thoroughly yet quickly, letting you experience MISOKA’s unique and high quality of the product.

SONIC TOOTHBRUSH MISOKA E800 is proudly created with our craftsmanship and MISOKA’s principles: ideal products with simple features and the best quality that our craftsmen and women themselves want to use daily.


1. Pause Feature for Better Brushing:

It pauses every 30 seconds to remind you to change the position of brushing.

2. MISOKA’s patented mineral coating technology:

After brushing with MISOKA’s original mineral-coated toothbrush, feel your teeth’s smooth finish which is resistant to plaque and stains.

3. Easy-to-Use Dual Speed Modes:

It allows you to choose between 2 speed settings: Normal Speed (31,000 times/min.) or Reduced Speed (21,000 times/min.). 

We focused on minimum functions and made it simple yet effective.

4. Designed for Less Vibration:

By selecting ideal materials for every part of the product and carefully assembling them, we succeeded in combining two contrary features: effectively vibrating bristles and a handle which transmits less vibration to your hand for comfortable use.

A fully charged MISOKA SONIC TOOTHBRUSH E800 can hold a charge for up to 70-80 minutes of brushing, without being placed on the charger.

【Product Specifications】


・Material: ABS

・Size (WxDxH): Approx.1.8cm x 1.8cm x 23cm (including regular size brush head) / 22cm (including compact size brush head)

・Weight: 49 grams (including the brush head)

・IPX7 Water-resistant

・Made in China


・Handle material: ABS

・Bristle material: Nylon

・Stiffness of bristles: Normal

・Withstands temperatures of up to: 70℃

・Made in Japan


・1 USB Battery charger

・3 Replacement brush heads

 *Please choose your preferred brush head size/color: Regular size -Blue only, Compact size -Blue, or Compact size -Pink. 

*Please refer to the brush head size comparison photos. From left to right: Compact size, Regular size, and MISOKA Original toothbrush.

* MISOKA SONIC TOOTHBRUSH E800 does not come with a USB plug wall adapter. Please purchase a suitable USB wall adapter separately if necessary.

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