The Secret of MISOKA

How to brush with MISOKA

Watch the video to learn how to use MISOKA toothbrush effectively.

Raise the quality of your life with MISOKA!

MISOKA toothbrush, created by YUMESHOKUNIN, is coated with special minerals, which enables you to brush your teeth with only water. The effectiveness of MISOKA’s mineral-coated toothbrush is scientifically proven.

This revolutionary toothbrush which you use by just dipping in water, lets you experience MISOKA’s unique toothbrushing for smooth and healthy teeth.

Using only a glass of water for brushing teeth, MISOKA toothbrushes have won our customers over as eco-friendly oral care items that contribute to protecting our environment by not emitting any chemical substances.

You can feel your teeth’s smooth finish after brushing with MISOKA toothbrush using only water. We recommend that you check your teeth with your tongue after brushing to feel the difference between properly brushed smooth-finish teeth and rough teeth which are not brushed properly. Your tongue can tell which rough teeth you should re-brush to make your brushing complete. This way, every time you brush your teeth, you can find the parts you missed brushing properly.  

It is our hope that you will experience ideal oral care with the best results by brushing your teeth with MISOKA and making them smooth and resistant to plaque and stains.

Brushing with only water is innovative.                                        What else makes MISOKA so unique?

MISOKA’s original mineral coating technology enables you to remove plaque and make your teeth sparkling smooth.

You can feel the smooth finish on the surface of the teeth brushed properly, and roughness on parts not brushed properly. Feel the difference of before and after brushing with MISOKA toothbrush.

After brushing your teeth with MISOKA, the smooth finish usually lasts until evening.

After lunch or snack, just rinse your mouth with a glass of water.

What is MISOKA's Mineral Coating Technology?

It’s a technology to coat with microscopic minerals like magnesium, calcium, and sodium. The surface treated becomes smooth and resistant to stains. 

This state-of-the-art technology is expected to be applied in various fields. The minerals used for the coating meet Japan’s water quality standard for safety.

How to brush with MISOKA

Click here to watch the video to learn how to use MISOKA toothbrush effectively.


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