New! MISOKA FOR DOG -petite size for one finger- (4 mittens for one-month worth)

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New!  MISOKA FOR DOG -petite size for one finger- (4 mittens for one-month worth)

We created these products based on research with universities.
Maintaining dogs’ dental care is not easy, so we started developing products that are easily handled by dogs’ owners, safe, and less stress for the dogs.

After conducting various tests, focusing on how to interact with dogs and their behavior, we hit upon a mitten shape. This research includes scientific verification of brushing using only water, reduction of breath odor and bacteria in mouth, and attainment of targets for plaque removal. After two years of research, “MISOKA for Dog” was born: a dream product for dogs.

How to Use
: Insert your finger in the mitten, wet the mitten and rub and clean your dog’s teeth gently.

For sanitary reasons, we recommend you to change to a new one approximately once a week, based on use twice a day.

Make sure to put the belt ribbon on one of your fingers to prevent your dog from accidental swallowing of the mitten while it's being used in the dog's mouth.

*If you prefer using two fingers, we also have regular size MISOKA FOR DOG (4 mittens/set).  

・Contents: 4 mittens
・Material: Nylon (mitten), Polyester (belt ribbon)
・Withstands Temperatures of up to: 90℃
・Size: H60mm×W28mm (mitten), 110mm (belt ribbon)

・Made in Japan     

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