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Brush your teeth with only water and experience the unique smooth and sparkling finish with MISOKA toothbrush!

A compact-size MISOKA COMFORT that uses ultra-fine soft bristles to provide ultimate comfort with the same handle as MISOKA Original small type. These luxurious bristles are gentle on your teeth and gums.

A flat handle and a rectangular head are distinctive features of this type for children with small hands as well as for adults who have small hands and like to hold a toothbrush with the whole hand.

The fine, soft bristles also make brushing easier and more comfortable for children who don’t enjoy brushing their teeth.

Bristles of MISOKA toothbrush are coated with special minerals, which enable you to brush your teeth with only water, and to make your teeth smooth and resistant to plaque and stains.

Each MISOKA toothbrush is gift-packaged in a handcrafted paper box assembled with care by our artisans. 

Logo colors: Ai (Blue), Wakakusa (Green), Yamabuki (Yellow), and Shu (Red)

・Handle Material: AS Resin
・Bristle Type/Material: Ultra Fine Tip/Nylon
・Stiffness of Bristles: Soft
・Withstands Temperatures of up to: 80℃
・Size: 155mm x 13mm
・Length of Bristles: 10mm
・Made in Japan

The new experience of brushing as if painting with watercolors

With our unique “ultra-fine tip” processing, MISOKA has realized nylon bristles with ultra-fine tips and sufficient stiffness in the shaft of each bristle. Enough brushing power is transmitted even with gentle brushing like painting with watercolors, for the comfort of your teeth and gums.

Ideal for children who feel uncomfortable brushing with regular bristles

MISOKA COMFORT is ideal for anyone, from children to adults, who prefers soft fine bristles. MISOKA COMFORT comes in two different sizes and four different logo colors. The whole family can enjoy MISOKA together. We recommend MISOKA COMFORT for adults and MISOKA COMFORT S for children.

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