History of MISOKA toothbrushes

YUMESHOKUNIN CO., LTD. has grown together with our valued customers over the years!

In our hope to deliver our ideal oral care products made in Japan, to people all over the world, we have opened our new worldwide website, MISOKA GLOBAL.

More than 5 million of MISOKA toothbrushes have been sold around the world since our founding in 2007. From mineral coating treatment of bristles to hand-crafting beautiful boxes, it is the attention of our Japanese craftsmen/women to each and every one of our products that ensures their highquality.

After many years of collaborative research with a medical university, the first MISOKA toothbrushes launched on the market in 2007. While no one knew about MISOKA toothbrushes, our first customer was the one who came to see the demonstration of our products at a department store. Since then, the reputation of MISOKA has passed from mouth to mouth through our valued customers, and many of our customers have been using MISOKA toothbrushes for a long time.

We now have a a number of customers not only in Asia but also all over the world.  Over the years, MISOKA toothbrushes have proudly been created by our expert craftsmen and women as the same way since our founding.