About our company YUMESHOKUNIN


The name of our company “YUMESHOKUNIN”, is made up of the Japanese words for “dream” (yume) and “craftsman” (shokunin).

YUMESHOKUNIN is not just a company that manufactures and sells premium toothbrushes. We continuously seek out new fields through our research and development in microscopic processing technology, real-world applications in manufacturing, and collaborative research with universities.

Through continuing research on oral hygiene products for pets and development of marketing methods that put the customer first, YUMESHOKUNIN aims to be a company with our feet on the ground - our foundation in “making things” - but with the lofty goal of sending out inspiration. 

Message from the president

Our company’s goal is to inspire the people of the world.

At our company, instead of pursuing efficiency by automating every step of the manufacturing process, we try to involve as many craftsmen and women as possible.

For example, in the manufacture of our MISOKA toothbrush, from treatment of bristles to packaging to inspection, no fewer than seven craftsmen and women are involved.

It is the attention of these expert craftsmen and women to each and every one of our products that ensures their high quality.

Everyone involved feels a sense of responsibility to our products, preventing mistakes and oversights.

And this contributes to a sense of trust between people – both among our employees and between our employees and our customers. In this way, we hope to make some small contribution to changing this world we live in, in which we tend to forget how much we rely on each other, and that the things we use in our daily lives are made by humans.

Here at YUMESHOKUNIN, I believe that through making products, we are making people. And by sending this idea out with every product we make, I hope we can give a little inspiration to the world.

Yohei Tsuji


Overview of Our Company

Location 3-14-13 Hanjo, Minoh City, Osaka 562-0044
Chairman Yohei Tusji, President
Capitalization 24,450,000 Japanese Yen (Capital Reserves included)
Founded June 1, 2007
TEL +81 72 7207703
Details of business ・Research & development of micro processing technology,

・Planning, manufacturing & sales of products with micro processing technology,

・Planning, manufacturing, and sales of toothbrushes

Timeline of Our History

June 2007 YUMESHOKUNIN CO., LTD. is founded.
September 2007 MISOKA toothbrushes go on the market.
September 2008 Our company participates in TOKYO GIFT SHOW FALL 2008.
May 2010 Our company is recognized by Mayor of Minoh City.
February 2012 MISOKA products are chosen for Grammy Awards official event.
May 2013 Total sales of MISOKA toothbrushes reach 1,000,000.
June 2013 Our company is selected for the Cool Japan Matching Award.
August 2013 Participates in the Cool Japan World Trial.
January 2014 MISOKA toothbrushes go on the market in Taiwan.
March 2015 Our company is selected as one of the “Growing Small and Medium Companies” by Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, Japan.
April 2015 Total sales of MISOKA toothbrushes reach 2,000,000.
January 2016 MISOKA toothbrushes are exhibited at Maison & Objet Paris.
April 2016 Total sales of MISOKA toothbrushes reach 3,000,000.
September 2016 MISOKA toothbrushes are exhibited at Maison & Objet Paris for the second time.
September 2016 MISOKA toothbrushes are exhibited at HOMI in Milano.
January 2017 MISOKA toothbrushes are exhibited at Maison & Objet Paris for the third time.
April 2017 MISOKA toothbrushes are exhibited at Fuori Salone in Milano.
June 2017 10th anniversary of our company’s founding
September 2017 MISOKA toothbrushes are exhibited at Maison & Objet Paris for the fourth time.
April 2018 Our Company moves to the current new location.

MISOKA BOUTIQUE, our first directly managed shop, opens.