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TRAVEL TOOTHBRUSH MISOKA  - a great item for travel, outings, and emergency kit!

With a TRAVEL TOOTHBRUSH MISOKA, you can brush your teeth without toothpaste even away from home!
It's nice 'n' compact for carrying around.  It's smaller than a chewing gum package; yet has the same special mineral coated bristles as other MISOKA toothbrush series, which enable you to brush your teeth with only water, and to make your teeth smooth and resistant to plaque and stains.

The case/cap can be used as a brush stand by inserting the brush handle end in the slit of the case. (Please refer to the picture.)  It comes in a reusable plastic zip bag that you can conveniently take for travel and outings.
We also highly recommend TRAVEL TOOTHBRUSH MISOKA as a useful item for your emergency/survival kit.  You only need a glass of water to brush your teeth with TRAVEL TOOTHBRUSH MISOKA. 
Brush refills are available on our web store.  Save the case, and buy a new brush refill when your bristles look splayed or after using the brush for approximately a month.
Handle & case colors: Blue, Green, Brown, Red, and Pink

・Handle Material: ABS Resin
・Case/Cap Material: AS Resin
・Bristle Type/Material: Standard/Nylon
・Stiffness of Bristles: Normal
・Withstands Temperatures of up to: 80℃
・Size: 98mm (when used: 150mm) x 19mm x 16mm
・Length of Bristles: 8mm
・Made in Japan



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