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Brush your teeth with only water and experience the unique smooth and sparkling finish with MISOKA toothbrush!

MISOKA・ISM symbolizes the philosophy of MISOKA.
The beautiful handle is designed like flowing water.  Inspired by stylish Japanese craftsmanship, MISOKA・ISM could be called the epitome of our brand.
Uses ultra-fine bristles.

Bristles of MISOKA toothbrush are coated with special minerals, which enable you to brush your teeth with only water, and to make your teeth smooth and resistant to plaque and stains.

Each MISOKA・ISM comes in a stylish transparent plastic gift box. 

Handle colors: SHIZUKU (Transparent), SORA (Sky Blue), MEBUKI (Lime Green), FUJI (Lavender), and SAKURA (Pale Pink)

  • Handle Material: Saturated Polyester Resin
  • Bristle Type/Material: Ultra Fine Tip/Nylon
  • Stiffness of Bristles: Soft
  • Withstands Temperatures of up to: 60℃
  • Size: 189mm x 15mm
  • Length of Bristles: 10mm
  • Made in Japan

MISOKA’s unique ultra-fine tips

With our unique “ultra-fine tip” processing, MISOKA has realized nylon bristles with ultra-fine tips and sufficient stiffness in the shaft of each bristle. Enough brushing power is transmitted even with gentle brushing like painting with watercolors, for the comfort of your teeth and gums.

Artistic like flowing water, yet functional

As water is the key to MISOKA brushing, we created the flowing water design for MISOKA・ISM. The design may look complicated; however, it naturally invites you to hold the handle easily and brush gently. It’s designed hygienically so that the brush faces up even if you place it on its side.

Traditional Japanese colors that represent the concept of MISOKA

The colors used for MISOKA・ISM and their names represent our pride and concept of Japan-made MISOKA: a pure and fresh spirit, exhilarating comfort, consideration for the global environment, supple beauty, and rejoicing in a new beginning.

MISOKA・ISM has received six different awards worldwide for its outstanding design as well as the high quality of the product.

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