MISOKA Exclusive Set 【B】 (12 MISOKA COMFORT toothbrushes / Ultra-Fine Bristles -New & Improved!

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MISOKA Exclusive Set B

(12  MISOKA COMFORT toothbrushes / Fine Soft Bristles)  -New & Improved

Now with improved ultra-fine bristles and a flexible handle!

An exclusive set of 12 MISOKA COMFORT toothbrushes for the price of 10, only available at MISOKA company stores including MISOKA GLOBAL.

It’s a special offer for our customers who use MISOKA COMFORT toothbrushes regularly throughout the year.

The new MISOKA COMFORT uses improved bristles that provide both durability and luxurious comfort for your teeth and gums, and a new handle that gives you a better grip with adequate flexibility. 

These luxurious bristles are gentle on your teeth and gums.  Recommended for those who prefer soft fine bristles. 

MISOKA Exclusive Set B contents:

12 MISOKA COMFORT toothbrushes

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